Starting a Keto Diet

Are you getting ready to start on a keto way of life?
Have you heard and seen amazing stories about people dropping crazy amounts of weight fast on a keto diet? Is that why you want to start?

The Ketogenic diet does seem to be amazing for shedding unwanted pounds, but in my opinion and personal experience, that was not the primary benefit.

When you feed your body healthy foods, the way you are meant to eat, and what your body needs to be healthy your body readjusts and naturally goes back to an optimum state.There is no reason for your body to store fat when you have an abundance of food available at any given time. I believe our bodies are designed perfectly and are meant to help us sustain times of food scarcity. Think about it, before there were grocery stores on every corner, or even before farming was an option, humans had to survive by hunting and gathering available foods. We would eat when food was available, and we would survive on our fat stores when it was not readily available.

We do not have a food scarcity issue in modern society,  but we DO seem to have a nutrition scarcity these days. Our modern, convenience seem to have all sorts of nutritional deficiencies that lead our bodies to believe we are malnourished!

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