Saying Goodbye to your old way of Life

Let’s Face it. Carbs taste good. Grains taste good. It was really hard for me to wrap my brain around the idea of removing all my favorite “treats” from my diet. Maybe you love sugar, and maybe you love chips, and french fries, or whatever junk food you tend to gravitate to. But those junk foods just aren’t allowing you to feel good.

We are crazy diet-obsessed in our culture, and diets and lifestyle changes seem to have an almost perfect failure rate. It seems like virtually no one is successful. I mean, we all know that one person who lost 100 pounds and kept it off for life. So it’s possible, just eat less, exercise more, right? WRONG.

I felt like the entire culture, economy and medical community had FAILED me. I did the wrong thing for years, we all have, and our entire society is paying the price. We have unprecedented levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in our society. It’s not because EVERYONE is just laying on the couch binging on fast food. It’s because our entire WAY OF LIFE is centered around pushing unhealthy foods to us.

When I started Eating keto, I felt like I was regaining some of my health and balance. I was eating foods my body needed, and eliminating the foods that harmed me.

The BEST part of changing to a keto way of life and this is a pretty big deal. I did not need willpower after the first few weeks! It was like my body, when it is satisfied and getting proper nutrition automatically changed to craving foods I needed when I was actually hungry. It’s the most amazing process!

Eating Keto is not a DIET. This is a way of life, and to be successful, you really need to start thinking about it this way. Your old way of eating has made you overweight and unhealthy. It’s not the way you were meant to be eating!

Eating Keto is NOT about deprivation!!! The foods your body needs are full of flavor and satisfaction. A keto diet is not a DIET and you will not be hungry on it. It takes a few weeks to adjust to this way of eating, but eating Keto is satisfying and pleasurable.

But like changing any behavior, it’s a process. I think we all go through a grieving process when we think about getting rid of our old standby friends, the junk food. I sure did! So, grieve the junk food, that’s ok, just don’t let it stop you from reclaiming your health and vitality.

You have so much to look forward to, and in a few weeks after you give up the toxic junk you’ve been eating, you will look back and think to yourself,  how did I EVER eat that way?

P.S. Please check with your doctor for any health or diet changes. These views are based on my own personal experience, and I am definitely not a doctor. Just a person who has struggled with weight and weight loss my whole life.




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