Comfort Food Craving – Keto HH

I had just finished a pretty intense workout at the gym and was hungrier than usual. Fasting was not in the plans that evening. But I also knew that I had been working too hard and being too diligent to cheat on myself. I hit the grocery store. It was rainy and cold. I wanted one of my favorite childhood meals…. Hamburger Helper. So I set out, wondering how I could Keto-ize it, and still be quick and yummy. So, my first thought was our good friend, cauliflower. But riced would be too fine of a texture. So I picked up two bags of frozen. ($1 each) Then I headed over to the meat cooler and picked up 2 lbs of 80-20 ($6 ish) Then down the spice aisle for a packet of taco seasoning (.75) Now for the cheese sauce. Maybe I’m still a newb and you all already knew this, but pre-shredded cheeses almost always have either corn starch or potato starch added to them. Grate your own to keep this out of your body. I picked up a block of mild cheddar, colby, and monterey jack. Grated about 2 cups total combined. In my skillet, I browned the ground beef and added the taco seasoning. Then I added the cauliflower and covered on medium heat. In a sauce pan, I put in a block of cream cheese and 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Over low-medium heat, I stirred until the cream cheese was fully melted. Then I stirred in my two cups of mixed cheeses until melted. I set that aside, off the heat. Back to the cauliflower and beef, I took a spatula and broke up the now cooked cauliflower. I added in the cheese sauce and covered for maybe 5-7 minutes, until the cheese sauce was easily stirred in. I put a little hot sauce on mine after I put it in the bowl. Made 8 servings for about $1.50 a serving.

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